POSTED 22 March 2019 / IN: Golf & Wine / BY Mélodie Bourdy

Confidential stay at Château Beychevelle

Château Beychevelle, Grand Cru Classé 1855, calles also « le Versaille du Médoc » provides an exceptional land of 250 hectares, about 90 of which are planted with vines.

Three centuries of history tell of powerful families that have left their mark on Beychevelle in many different ways.

Today, Château Beychevelle belongs to Grands Millésimes de France, which is part of the Castel and Suntory groups.

Château Beychevelle knows a success thanks to the quality of the Médoc’s four traditional grape variety : 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 3% Petit Verdot.

Château Beychevelle offers an invitation to travel…

This new winery has been inspired by the legend surrounding Château Beychevelle and the first Duke of Epernon: the world of sails, tall ships, and more broadly of travelling the globe served as a guide for the architect Arnaud Boulain in his design.

« A successful mariage of technical innovation and traditional methods to poduce exceptional wines. » Romain Ducolomb, Technical Director of Château Beychevelle.

In addition to be a really good vineyard, Château Beychevelle offers a unique experience in the heart of the Médoc : the opportunity to experience the elegant, refined world of living in a château.

The desire to receive guests in beautiful, refined surroundings is a tradition at Château Beychevelle.

To enhance the well-being of the guests, La Table de Beychevelle is not a hotel or a guest house ; it is more like a family house, where every effort is made to make guests feel at home.

The large and bright rooms offers an exceptional view on the gardens « à la française » !

The night the chief cooks local products refined in the authentic dining room.

Let you inspire to live few days a life of a château….